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Thermals Will Keep You Warm While Working for Uber or Lyft

Thermals Will Keep You Warm While Working for Uber or Lyft

Taking on a side gig has become beneficial to most Americans. Sometimes you need the extra cash. For many Uber and Lyft drivers, it can also be a rewarding career as the road is an open highway for endless adventure. There’s also meeting people from all walks of life who will need your services to get to a meeting, job interview, or across town. However, driving in the colder months means cranking up the heat. Depending on your vehicle, you may get two settings: freeze or roast, and there isn’t always an in-between for comfort. This is where wearing thermals will become an essential part of your drive.

Why Thermals?

If you have clients coming and going from your vehicle all day, you’ll lose precious heat regularly. Thermal pants or even tops will help keep you warm. Since you may not always get the chance to get out and stretch, thermals provide an extra level of comfort with their fleece-lining and snug fit. It’s like another layer of skin with its only job is to make sure you feel good. 

They are also moisture-wicking. Even in the cold, sweat is a real thing. Your thermal pants and top will pull that sweat away from your skin so you stay dry. This adds to the comfort. The fabric is also stretchable. Its four-way stretch doesn’t bunch and allows you to move freely so you can make those quick adjustments while driving your client to and from their destination. 

With the cold months come snow and icy roads. Even if you only drive within city limits, the streets can get nasty on occasion. You want to make sure you stay warm, even if you don’t carry some form of weather emergency kit in your vehicle. Thermals will help keep you warm in case you get stuck, waiting for help to arrive, or find yourself digging your car out of a snowdrift. 

Another benefit of thermals is they’re perfect for when you’re waiting for your app to alert you about another client. Keeping your car running can waste gas, especially if you’ve been waiting for a while. Your car can get a bit chilly while you wait, and layering with thermals is a great way to relax in warmth while waiting for that next drive.

Driving people to their destinations is a rewarding career. You get to meet new people and drive to new destinations. You also get the flexibility you need for your otherwise busy life. Don’t forget those thermals, some bottled water to stay hydrated, and a few healthy snacks to keep your metabolism going strong. Remember, your job is a necessary part of today’s world, and you do your part in keeping the world moving forward.

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