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Should I Wear a Base Layer in the Summer?

Should I Wear a Base Layer in the Summer?

When it comes to the summer weather, most people don't usually consider wearing a base layer. However, many athletes, especially professional and amateur bicyclists, wear a base layer under their jersey while they cycle or compete. The question remains, should you wear a base layer in the summer? The answer isn't as clear-cut as you'd like to think, so it's hard to answer yes or even no, for that matter. Some experts will say yes, you should, and some will say no as it makes no sense whatsoever. But, when it comes to the summer heat, wearing those long johns for men or a men’s thermal shirt is ultimately going to be up to you and what you are doing.

The Pros

There are, however, a few pros to wearing a thermal shirt as a base layer during the summer months. After all, thermal balls are great when it comes to moisture-wicking. This means that as you sweat, the fabric will pull the moisture from your body and release it through the breathable fabric. The material then releases it into the air. That way, you won't have to worry about that wet and clammy feeling throughout the day. Another benefit of wearing thermals during the summer is that many are going to be odor resistant. This means that you won't have to worry about any of your body odor sticking to you throughout the day. You can do what you would like to without worrying about any unnecessary smells. Wearing thermals in the summer won't hinder any of your movements, as you'll have full mobility and not have to worry about being held back.

The Cons 

There are cons to wearing thermals during the summer. The first and foremost is going to be the heat. Let's face it, summer can get really warm and extremely hot depending on where you live. This means you're going to sweat more, and your chances of overheating are going to be more significant. For some people, wearing a full set of long johns for men, is not going to be to their benefit. While the thermals will wick away moisture, they may not be able to keep up with how much you sweat.

When it comes to wearing thermals in the summer, it's essential to consider all the clothing's pros and cons. Things like material, level of activity, and overall temperature will help you make the decision. For casual outdoor wear, a short-sleeve thermal shirt may have some benefit. If you work in an office building where the air conditioning is set at a cold temperature, then having a men’s thermal shirt will ultimately make more sense. Everyone sweats at different rates, so if you need some extra wicking, then a thermal may work out fantastically for you.

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