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How Often Should I Wash My Thermals?

How Often Should I Wash My Thermals?

You bought and have worn your new men's long johns. They've brought you warmth, comfort and kept sweat from sticking to you while you worked or trained at the gym. You may have bought a few more pairs of long johns. While they come with specific washing instructions, the big question you may be asking is how often they need washing. While knowing how to wash them is excellent. How frequently you wash them will depend on how long you've worn them and what activities you are doing.

Odor or dirt will get trapped in our thermals. No matter what we do, it's part of wearing them. Even your base layers or long johns will need a good wash at some point. After all, they absorb your sweat and any oils from your skin. Removing odors is challenging, and no one wants a smelly pair of thermals to wear. 

If you have a few pairs, you can get away with wearing them three or more days before you toss them in the wash. You may be able to push it to a week or longer. This is for regular wear. If your activity levels are high due to training at the gym or you're heavily active at work, then you don't want to let them get too smelly before you decide to wash them. Wearing underwear under your thermals makes them easier to wear over a few days or weeks.


After you buy them, please give them a good wash. Keep in mind that you don't want to wash your thermals over. Due to their properties or fabric treatments, over-washing can damage them. Unless they start stinking like a men's locker room or you get them dirty, keep the washing to a minimum. 

The frequency of washing your thermals is also dependent on the material they're made of. Wool can handle long wear times but is harder to take care of. Polyester blends are easier to take care of and can be washed more often. Another thing to consider is any treatments your thermals may have. Some are treated to resist odors, so over-washing may break down these treatments.

Suppose you do need to wash your men's long johns. It's best to follow the proper method that comes with the instructions. This way you can avoid any problems, and your long johns will have a longer life. Bacteria will get caught in the fabric. To help alleviate odors or the need to wash your thermal regularly, you can find an excellent deodorizer that can keep your thermals fresh until you need to clean them. This can help maintain your thermal's properties like moisture-wicking and breathability. When it comes to how often you need to wash your thermals, it's best to consider your activity levels. For the most part, you can get away with long periods before you wash them. The material also has a lot to do with it as some fabrics candle more washed better than others.

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