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Do You Wear Thermal Underwear with Thermal Leggings?

Do You Wear Thermal Underwear with Thermal Leggings?

Thermal underwear is an excellent asset for staying warm in cold weather. However, when deciding how to appropriately dress for cold temperatures, it can be quite confusing to decide exactly what you want to wear and in what order. One of the most common questions that we receive is whether or not you should wear thermal underwear beneath your thermal leggings?

Aren’t Thermal Leggings a Base Layer?

One of the most confusing aspects of this question probably arises from the fact that thermal leggings are considered a base layer. You wear them next to your skin because their tight design helps conserve the heat produced by your body.

Thus, it seems to make sense that you wouldn’t wear underwear under them, right? After all, isn’t that the meaning of a base layer? Actually, you still need to wear underwear with your thermal leggings. You can view underwear as adding to your protection and comfort.

After all, thermal underwear provides protection that prevents your leggings from getting stained. They also can allow you to get more than one wear out of your thermal leggings before needing to wash them, which means you can get by with fewer pairs.

What Thermal Underwear Is Best?

If you are going to be wearing thermal underwear beneath your leggings, you likely wonder what type is best. Ultimately, this decision comes down to comfort and personal preference. However, there are a few guidelines.

Most people prefer to wear tighter-fitting thermal underwear as looser fabrics can end up uncomfortable when paired with the tightness of thermal leggings. Additionally, many people want to purchase special thermal underwear that can also have beneficial properties such as moisture-wicking fabrics or odor protection. These often work great with thermal leggings and help prevent you from getting too sweaty.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you absolutely should wear thermal underwear under your thermal leggings. While leggings are a base layer, they are not meant to be the absolute foundation. You still need to wear underwear beneath them to protect them and maximize their effect. So when you put on your thermal leggings, avoid the urge to go commando and choose a comfortable pair of underwear to pair them with.

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