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Can American Farmers Benefit from Wearing Thermals?

Can American Farmers Benefit from Wearing Thermals?

No matter the time of the year, a farmer spends his day working hard. In the offseason, those workdays may be a little shorter, but the workload is still substantial. In this season, a farmer needs the right cold-weather clothing to make battling the cold temperatures and sporadic weather a lot more comfortable and safe. Whether the farmer is growing crops, operating a dairy, or boarding horses, layering clothing is the best way to save body heat. A men’s thermal set makes a perfect base layer to stay warm.

Subzero temperatures can make for a long and miserable day on the farm if you don’t dress appropriately. Thermal underwear for men is an essential piece of cold weather clothing that’ll help maximize productivity and help you make the most out of the short winter days by distributing your body heat evenly. The biggest key is knowing how to layer in extreme conditions and using all the gear available to make a long day on the farm a lot easier to work through.

Base and Mid Layers

Thermal underwear for men comes in a set or separately as a top or a bottom. While you’re braving the cold weather for your day on the farm, making sure your whole-body stays protected is essential. Staying outside all day can wreak havoc on the body, and surviving in this weather is vital.

Layering incorrectly will make you too cold, wet, or even hot as the layers become bulky. A base layer of a snug-fitting men’s thermal set is the foundation for your cold-weather attire. The base layer traps heat and provides a moisture-wicking capability that moves sweat from your skin. As a farmer, natural fiber like merino wool or a mid-weight polyester will provide the necessary properties.

A mid-layer is added insulation and will draw any heat to the next layer for greater warmth. Most mid-layers are hoodies or sweatshirts made from fleece. Also, a mid-layer isn’t always a second layer but can be a third, as well. If you get too hot, removing one can relieve you, and help you stay comfortable.

Other needed winter gear

• Knit Cap

• Insulated gloves

• Neck Gaiters

• Lightweight rain jacket and insulated jacket

• Insulated vest

• Insulated big overalls

• Moisture-wicking socks

• Leather work boots

Though the colder temperatures can make for a long day, the elements and the amount of time you spend outside will also affect your comfort level as it doesn’t take long for frostbite or hypothermia to set in. The right winter gear, which includes thermal underwear for men, will help you stay outside longer and get more done.

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