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Unveiling the Mystery: Long Underwear vs. Base Layers for Winter Warmth

Unveiling the Mystery: Long Underwear vs. Base Layers for Winter Warmth

As winter creeps in, you’ll be hearing lots of advice from well-meaning people on how to stay warm. Sometimes, this advice can contradict and end up confusing you more than anything else. For example, some people might tell you to always wear a base layer. Others will suggest long underwear. What exactly is the difference between a base layer and long underwear? Is there even a difference at all?

If you’re confused about base layers versus long underwear, you’re not alone! Join us as we break down the debate and settle the confusion.

Long Underwear Qualifies as a Base Layer

To answer a complicated question, yes: long underwear counts as a base layer. This is because a base layer is essentially the first layer of clothing against your skin when you bundle up for the winter. It is called the “base layer” because it serves as a foundation or “base” for your layers. The primary function of a base layer is to trap body heat with a tight fit, while the layers on top help keep you warm and generate body heat.

A good example of a base layer is wearing an undershirt beneath a t-shirt, with a sweatshirt on top of everything. In this example, your undershirt is the base layer because it is the first and tightest layer against your skin! By this definition, long underwear is actually a base layer.

Long underwear has a tight fit which makes it easy to wear beneath your regular clothes. They help to trap body heat close to you and wick away moisture, keeping you as cozy as possible. When it comes to wearing a base layer, you won’t find anything better than long underwear!

Basically, all long underwear is a base layer - but not every base layer is long underwear. Think about it this way...leggings can hide underneath your pants as a base layer for extra warmth, but they won’t be as warm and cozy as long underwear!

Get the Best Long Underwear as a Base Layer Today!

Long underwear is an excellent way to stay warm in the harsh winter. The snug fit means they can be a base layer under a variety of clothes, and can be worn for activity both inside and outside. Make sure that you are staying warm this winter, and invest in quality long underwear to wear as a base layer today!

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