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Can Men Wear Women's Compression Shorts?

Can Men Wear Women's Compression Shorts?

The compression gear of today is not the same as it was over a decade ago. Science and technology have made a lot of progress in today's athletic apparel. They support your body better, keep you dry, and are more comfortable to wear. How this gear is made will also affect how you train and the support it gives you. Because of this, compression clothing is explicitly geared to a specific gender.

If you're wondering if a man can wear women's compression shorts, the short answer is no. At the same time, no one will stop you; it's essential to know that these fitness garments are designed within gender constraints. As an example, men’s compression shorts sized at a medium or size 32 will not fit a woman the same. A woman's body is shaped differently than a man's. It would be best to buy a pair of men’s workout compression shorts as their fitting will be more suitable and will work in a way they are supposed to.

Even if you do find a pair of women's compression shorts that are close to your size, it won't fit properly. It may be too small in one area or a touch too large. Men's compression shorts are catered to a man's anatomy. This means shape, style, and design are going to be geared towards your body. Women's compression shorts are designed to fit the contour of her body. They'll have more detail and are high-waisted. Men’s workout compression shorts are catered to your physique, which makes for a better-worn product that is more comfortable and flattering. 

Proper fitting compression gear is essential to your overall training and post-workout recovery. Here are some reasons why:

  • Compression gear is supposed to fit tight like a second skin. This helps support your muscles and joints in training and post-workout recovery.
  • This tight fit will make the breathable material work as it should. That means your sweat will be easier wicked away.
  • Your muscles need oxygen. Men’s workout compression shorts apply the correct pressure to increase your blood flow, which delivers more oxygen to your muscles and flushes then faster lactates due to training.
  • Proper training means wearing something that won't get in your way. Improper fitting compression gear will be more of a hazard than helpful.

    While some will say that women's compression clothing is more comfortable, the facts show that both men's compression shorts and women's compression gear are made from the same material. If you're worried about color for your personal style, many lines of men's compression gear have moved forward in the fashion area with a more abundant spectrum of colors for you to choose from.

    In the end, it will ultimately be up to you. While compression gear is designed for a specific gender, no one will stop you from wearing what you want. It's essential to keep in mind that this may affect your training and post-recovery during your workouts. 

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